A Thin Life

A Thin Life

A thin life – An ageing gangster, fearing his time is up, has imprisoned himself in his suburban house. As he sneaks glimpses through his closed blinds of the outside world he is haunted by ghosts and regrets from the past.

So many people have died in his house, both friend and foe, and now they won't leave him in peace. His paranoid memories cloud his judgement as to what is real and what is imagined, constantly striving to recall the past until it makes some sense, and finds him not guilty.

His recurring nightmare is a world in which someone lives forever, friends gone, lovers gone, and even the enemies who once gave him something to live for, gone. A wasted youth giving birth to a thin life, day in, day out. A hell of his own making.

A short film, staring legendary Scottish born, Australian actor Tommy Dysart in the performance of his life.

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