What the Moon Saw

what the moon saw

Steven Wilsonis sent to Melbourne from the outback to spend his holidays with his Grandmother, an old time Tivoli showgirl/dancer. He becomes drawn into the world of the theatre, where the illusion is everything and grease-paint covers up reality.

Stephen’s grandmother is a ticket-taker at a big city theatre where a production of “Sinbad” is playing. When Stephen leaves the country for a visit with his grandmother, he watches every performance, memorizing every word.

Soon he’s become a backstage buddy, particularly to Emma, the lead actress on whom he has a crush.

Stephen’s faith in the beautiful and talented Emma is unfaltering, and when the tyrannical and mean-spirited theatre owner tries to stand in the way of her career, Stephen confronts him and faces the consequences.

Recalling the words of the daring Sinbad, the brave young boy stands up for what he believes in, becoming the true star of the show.

While watching a pantomime of Sinbad, Steven succumbs to the magic of the story and actually becomes the sailor on his greatest adventure ever.


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