A Toxic Tale of the Life & Crimes of Frank Howson

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A narcissistic, misogynistic women beater, racist, antisemitic, meth fueled decline into the darkest depths of his life. “Another Stable Genius.”

Frank Howson Women Beater

”Frank’s wake of destruction is appalling. The Hollywood community is now questioning everything he conned us with.
Especially now with the #metoo allegations, his recent assault of a woman and subsequent breach of her restraining order against him.
The government tried to jail him once before. Maybe now is the time.”

“Yes – That’s Frank.”

At a lunch. I asked him about a film he shot but never completed. The Errol Flyn story and it starred Guy Pearce as Errol. The Film is still sitting in can’s at the bottom of franks wardrobe. I asked him what was Guy Like to work with and he wasn’t over impressed? I asked what was wrong and he did the biggest Limp wrist impression and told me he was Gay. I thought Frank – You are a fraudster and…. Quite simply A CUNT. Always was / Ask John Michael!

On another film that was not meant to be seen for tax purposes called Crime Time. With Marcus Graham and Bruce Venebles as Cops. Mark Gracie directed it and it was never seen either. I was owed about Six grand and had scenes to still shoot. After frank told me I would be paid after the shoot !!!!! Red Flag.

I employed one of my brothers scariest friends and went to see Frank who was hiding under his desk. Frank was full of it until I walked in with a six foot nine “MONSTER”. We sat in his office until he wrote me a cheque for money owed and enough to cover my entire fee. Sweating like a pig that he is – he gave me a cheque for the ten or twelve grand. Within about fifteen minutes he had the cheque ready. I left the Monster with Frank until I had been to the bank. I got paid. The Mafia who produced the film were thick as thieves with frank. He is a disgrace.

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