Meth Crazed Woman Beater!

Frank has a restraining order against him for his violent drug crazed attack on a defenseless single parent and mother of 3 young girls. While under the influence of methamphetamine (ICE), he attacked her by throwing framed painting at her, badly bruising her arm and abdomen.

This violent episode was brought on because Frank’s mind had been so warped due to over 5 years of a massive ICE addiction.

Thankfully, luckily, his attack didn’t cause more serious damage or prove fatal to the woman.

He shows no remorse for his behavior and even called the police on her. Which resulted in her being taken to St Kilda Police Station and questioned. Se was released at 1am, without charge. She then had to walk 6k in the dark to get home.

Ask yourself. Do we want this kind of narcissistic, misogynistic women beater in the Art community?

He needs help, but nobody will call an intervention. We all need to stand together and he will finally get the message that this behavior is NOT ACCEPTABLE!

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