Who You Gonna Call?

It was the middle of the night. The mobile phone rings. My wife answers it and says “it’s Rajia”, Frank’s on and off flatmate.

Rajia informs my wife that Frank has been taken, by ambulance, to the Alfred Hospital and can I go, to the A&E, to see how he is. Why she didn’t want to go with him at the time. I can imagine. Frank makes an ornery patient.

Even at this late/early hour I get dressed, book an UBER and go to the hospital. Thinking that he is seriously ill, knowing what we had been smoking. I’m thinking the worst.

I find Frank Howson lying in bed. He tells my that the doctor says the problem is a kidney stone. What an anti climax!

I thought to myself, if he thinks he’s in pain now wait till the stone passes.

I get another Uber home.

Later, that same morning, about 8am, I booked another Uber and returned to the hospital to see how Frank is. When I get there Frank is asleep. So I sit at the bottom of the bed, take a photo, one of the few where he’s not posing, and wait until he awoke.

As soon as Frank awoke he started to complain about, literally anything and everything. When he’s in that kind of mood it’s like walking on eggshells. You have to be careful of what you say, as anything could set him off.

It’s better to let him get it out of his system, if he can. Stay diplomatic and agree to appease him or just say nothing and smile.

He starts complaining allowed so as the patient in the bed across the room could hear him, which was intentional as it was about the other patient he was complaining about. Rather that talking to him directly which would of been the more diplomatic and polite thing to do.

Frank avoids direct confrontation whenever possible. Not one of his strengths. Prefers indirect, or one way dialogue via his blog or down-line, less chance of losing an argument that way.

Frank has passed the kidney stone, so he decides to discharge himself. As we leave he loudly rants about the nursing staff, so that they could hear. They obviously weren’t attentive to his needs that he believed he deserved.

We left. I was glad to get out of there. Frank can be so embarrassing when he’s in a mood.

I have to ask. Where were any of his “friends”? Why did they not turn up or even call to see how he was?


Bitter Old Sydney Poof

I de-friended him for misogyny a while ago. He was a Facebook friend for a while, as I met him via the debs, but I found him to be misogynistic, egotistical and bitchy, so I de-friended him… quite the bitter old Sydney poof.

I consider myself to be a reasonable judge of character, at least at this point in life… people reveal themselves if you give them half a chance.

#misogynist #frankhowson #metoo


Ooh Betty

Frank is doing his little “girly dance”! More like Frank Spencer than Frank Howson.

Quote from Frank
“I have to get out. This dickhead woman ( is doing it again. It’s like she delights in fucking up my Christmas every year because she knows how much it means to me”.

Nice, the way he refers to women?

He sends vial and threatening texts to my wife’s phone using someone else’s phone, as she keeps blocking them. He even sent his ICE dealers number to her.

What the logic of that is, I can’t imagine. Just proves he has a dealer.

When Frank tells stories about anyone he has a problem with or disagrees with he always tells it in a very camp voice, and gesture with limp wrist. You must have seen this at some time. It is very disturbing to see.

But anyone I met, that he bad mouths, never talks or gesture in that manner. Only Frank Howson. Must be his trade mark!


Money Money Money it’s a Howson’s World

When I first met Frank Howson he was homeless in Los Angeles. At the time I didn’t know who he was nor did I care, he was someone down as far as someone could go.

I took him into my home and gave him a place to sleep. He stayed for over 3 months. I fed him and gave him spending money and helped him get back on his feet.

I wasn’t interested in what he was or what he had done. I just saw him as a man in need and down on his luck.

On his return to Melbourne he contacted me needing financial help. I immediately cashed in my private pension, taking a massive financial loss due to early withdrawal, and sent him $10,000.

This was not a gift or a loan, it was to buy into him. He offered me 10% of all his income in perpetuity.

Over the next few years I kept Frank Howson’s Spirits up by paying for 4 trips to Hong Kong. Covering the cost of his flight, hotel, food and coke.

When my dear friend died, (Rick Rosas) I made sure he could get to the marmoreal concert at The Joint in LA. I sent him money for his flight and covered the cost of the hotels transport and food for the 10 days we were there.

On these occasions Frank Howson’s flight home was a day after mine, so I gave him more money to get a Hotel for the extra night and money to get him to and from the airports.


Meth Crazed Woman Beater!

Frank has a restraining order against him for his violent drug crazed attack on a defenseless single parent and mother of 3 young girls. While under the influence of methamphetamine (ICE), he attacked her by throwing framed painting at her, badly bruising her arm and abdomen.

This violent episode was brought on because Frank’s mind had been so warped due to over 5 years of a massive ICE addiction.

Thankfully, luckily, his attack didn’t cause more serious damage or prove fatal to the woman.

He shows no remorse for his behavior and even called the police on her. Which resulted in her being taken to St Kilda Police Station and questioned. Se was released at 1am, without charge. She then had to walk 6k in the dark to get home.

Ask yourself. Do we want this kind of narcissistic, misogynistic women beater in the Art community?

He needs help, but nobody will call an intervention. We all need to stand together and he will finally get the message that this behavior is NOT ACCEPTABLE!

#metoomovement Me Too Movement – #metoo


Scary Monsters Super Creeps

At a Debonair’s Lunch. I asked him about a film he shot but never completed. The Errol Flyn story and it starred Guy Pearce as Errol. The film is still sitting in can’s at the bottom of franks wardrobe. I asked him what was Guy like to work with and he wasn’t over impressed?

I asked what was wrong and he did the biggest Limp wrist impression and told me that Guy Pearce was Gay.

I said to Frank – You are a fraudster and …. Quite simply A CUNT. Always was / Ask John Michael!

On another film that was not meant to be seen for tax purposes called “Crime Time”, with Marcus Graham and Bruce Venebles as Cops. Mark Gracie directed it and it was never seen either.

I was owed about Six grand and had scenes to still shoot. After, Frank told me I would be paid after the shoot!!!!! Red Flag.

I employed one of my brothers “scariest” friends and went to see Frank who was hiding under his desk. Frank was full of it until I walked in with a six foot nine MONSTER.

We sat in his office until he wrote me a cheaque for money owed and enough to cover my entire fee. Sweating like a pig that he is – he gave me a cheque for the ten or twelve grand. Within about fifteen minutes he had the cheque ready. I left the Monster with Frank till I had been to the bank. I got paid.


A wake of destruction

Frank’s wake of destruction is appalling. The Hollywood community is now questioning everything he conned us with. Especially now with the #metoo allegations, his recent assault of a woman and subsequent breach of her restraining order against him. The government tried to jail him once before. Maybe now is the time.

Like his whole association with that racist scumbag at the MUFF festival, this is a tragic but deserved end to Howson. Australia deserves better.


Selfish, mercenary and narcissistic

Although he fucked me over and never paid me a dime for a years work… what really hurt me was he then went around telling lies about me.

Very sad that he’s ended up in that place but I can’t say I’m surprised. There’s a real dark side to him that is selfish, mercenary and narcissistic.


Hello Filmmakers, Theatre Patrons, Entertainers!

Welcome to Stories submitted by people who know him or have come across his “wake”. If you have a encounter to share, please do.

“Beware the very litigious Hollywood homeless hobo, Frank Howson, who will continue to entangle unsuspecting innocents into funding his hallucinatory visions of celebrity fame & grandeur … for a fee of course.”