Money Money Money it’s a Howson’s World

When I first met Frank Howson he was homeless in Los Angeles. At the time I didn’t know who he was nor did I care, he was someone down as far as someone could go.

I took him into my home and gave him a place to sleep. He stayed for over 3 months. I fed him and gave him spending money and helped him get back on his feet.

I wasn’t interested in what he was or what he had done. I just saw him as a man in need and down on his luck.

On his return to Melbourne he contacted me needing financial help. I immediately cashed in my private pension, taking a massive financial loss due to early withdrawal, and sent him $10,000.

This was not a gift or a loan, it was to buy into him. He offered me 10% of all his income in perpetuity.

Over the next few years I kept Frank Howson’s Spirits up by paying for 4 trips to Hong Kong. Covering the cost of his flight, hotel, food and coke.

When my dear friend died, (Rick Rosas) I made sure he could get to the marmoreal concert at The Joint in LA. I sent him money for his flight and covered the cost of the hotels transport and food for the 10 days we were there.

On these occasions Frank Howson’s flight home was a day after mine, so I gave him more money to get a Hotel for the extra night and money to get him to and from the airports.

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