Ooh Betty

Frank is doing his little “girly dance”! More like Frank Spencer than Frank Howson.

Quote from Frank
“I have to get out. This dickhead woman ( is doing it again. It’s like she delights in fucking up my Christmas every year because she knows how much it means to me”.

Nice, the way he refers to women?

He sends vial and threatening texts to my wife’s phone using someone else’s phone, as she keeps blocking them. He even sent his ICE dealers number to her.

What the logic of that is, I can’t imagine. Just proves he has a dealer.

When Frank tells stories about anyone he has a problem with or disagrees with he always tells it in a very camp voice, and gesture with limp wrist. You must have seen this at some time. It is very disturbing to see.

But anyone I met, that he bad mouths, never talks or gesture in that manner. Only Frank Howson. Must be his trade mark!

One thought on “Ooh Betty”

  1. I defriended for misogyny a while ago… nasty piece of work, I thought… egotistical and bitter

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